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  • How does the online workshop work?
    The workshop is live, interactive and takes place on Zoom. Before the start of the workshop, you will receive the access link.
  • How long does a workshop last?
    On average, the workshops last 50 minutes.
  • How do I pay?
    Payment is made by bank transfer, before the start of the workshop. Once you have reserved your place at the workshop, you will receive the payment details by e-mail. Then you send us proof of payment and invoicing data, and we send you the invoice and the Zoom link so you can access the workshop.
  • Can I interrupt a module workshop if the child doesn't like it?"
    Although it doesn't happen often, you can cancel your participation after the first session in the module. The amount related to the canceled sessions can be used to purchase another workshop or reimbursed to the account indicated by you. The cancellation request is sent to our e-mail address:
  • If the child fails to participate in the workshop, do I get the money back?
    If you announce your non-participation at least 72 hours before the workshop date, the money is returned in full. Otherwise, the money will not be returned, and the participation will not be rescheduled.
  • If I would like a certain facilitator to organize a personalized/individual workshop for my child, how do I proceed?"
    Contact us and we will determine the details together with the facilitator.
Image by Jon Tyson
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